Incoming students

The University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) accepts only exchange students from partner Universities with which there is a signed inter-institutional agreement.

Students, who have been selected by their home Institution to study at the University of Western Macedonia as Erasmus+ exchange students have to be nominated by their home universities indicating the department of UOWM for their studies. Nomination letters have to be sent to the Erasmus Office by e-mail ( not later than 15th May for the autumn semester and 30th October for the spring semester.


Students who have been nominated by their home University should send us by e-mail ( the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Learning Agreement for Studies or Learning Agreement for Traineeships
  3. Transcript of records provided by their home University
  4. A current Curriculum Vitae
  5. Proof of English language (minimum: B2 level)
  6. Copy of student’s ID/passport.
  7. European Health Insurance Card (for EU students) / Private Health Insurance (for non EU students – translated in English or Greek)

Application Deadlines
Autumn semester: June 15
Spring Semester: November 30


After your application is received by the Erasmus Office, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application and its completeness.

Your application will then be passed on to the programme coordinator of your desired subject, who will then examine the learning agreement and make a decision about your admission to the programme.

If you are admitted by your desired faculty, the Erasmus Office will send you an acceptance letter and the signed learning agreement.


You can reach the University of Western Macedonia from Athens or Thessaloniki depending on where you will book your flight to. For your own convenience we suggest that you book your flight to Thessaloniki, since it is about an hour and a half away from Kozani (about 140 km), while Athens is about seven hours away (about 500 km).

In any case, below you will find information on how to reach Kozani, Florina, Kastoria and Grevena from both cities.

Please select your starting point:


Kozani is about 500 km away from Athens. Once you reach the international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” (airport code: ATH), you can go to the bus station (KTEL KIFISOU) in Athens and then take the bus to Kozani/ Florina /Kastoria or Grevena.

Athens to Kozani bus booking office tel. +30 210 5152224

Athens to Florina bus booking office tel. +30 210 5130427

Athens to Kastoria bus booking office tel. +30 210 5129308

Athens to Grevena bus booking office tel. +30 210 5126833


Kozani is about 140 km away from Thessaloniki, which is the second largest city in Greece. Once you reach the international airport “Macedonia” (airport code: SKG) you can go to the bus station (KTEL) in Thessaloniki and then take the bus to Kozani/ Florina/ Kastoria or Grevena.

Thessaloniki to Kozani bus booking office tel. +30 2310 595484

Thessaloniki to Florina bus booking office tel. +30 2310 595418

Thessaloniki to Kastoria bus booking office tel. +30 2310 595440

Thessaloniki to Grevena booking office tel. +30 2310 595485


Upon arrival all incoming students have first to register at the Erasmus Office. After that, they can be enrolled at the School they have been accepted.

The School’s Secretariat will provide students with a Student Academic Identification Card which gives right of access to libraries, sport facilities and gives a reduction in the fares of most means of transport.


In the city of Kozani, incoming students are provided with furnished twin rooms with kitchen and bathroom at a hall of residence about 3 kilometers from the campus. Students have to bring their own bed linen and towels and they are kindly requested to leave the room in an excellent condition.

In the cities of Florina and Grevena, on campus accommodation is provided upon request, although only a limited number of rooms are offered.

In the cities of Kastoria and Ptolemaida, incoming students will be provided support to contact local housing providers.


Students coming from the European Union are entitled to medical services so long as they have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covering the entire study period. This card is issued by the National Health Insurance Provider of the students’ home country. Students should apply for the EHIC prior to their departure from their country so as to have it with them upon entering Greece. Please refer to the EHIC website for information on how to get the card in your country.

Students coming from non EU countries must make arrangements for private health insurance prior to their journey, which must cover medical treatment and hospitalization for the entire study period. The health insurance contract must be in English; if the insurance company does not issue the contract in English, the students must have it officially translated into English or Greek.


A scale of 1 to 10 applies to the marks of each subject in the Hellenic Higher Education:

Grade Description
8,5-10 Άριστα (Arista) – Excellent
6,5-8,49 Λίαν Καλώς (Lian Kalos) – Very Good
5,00-6,49 Καλώς (Kalos) – Good
0-4,99 Ανεπιτυχώς (Anepitychos) – Fail


Students and citizens from the EU are not required to have a visa in order to enter Greece.

Students from non-European countries are advised to contact the Greek Embassy or Consulate in their country for entrance regulations prior to their departure and then to apply for a three-month student visa to Greece. These students will receive from the International Office of UOWM an invitation letter prior their arrival in Greece. Students who are going to study in UOWM for more than three months should apply for a Residence Permit at the Immigration Office of the Prefecture of West Macedonia of Kozani or Florina having the following:

  1. Application in two copies
  2. 3 colored photos for passports. The photos have to be delivered also in a CD (JPEG2000).
  3. A copy of your passport and a copy of your visa.
  4. A certification that you are an Erasmus student which is provided by our Department in Greek language.
  5. A confirmation of scholarship from your home University that needs to be translated by a translation office.
  6. A confirmation of health examinations (blood test and chest x-rays) which can be done in every public hospital.
  7. A copy of the health booklet that is provided by our University.
  8. The letter of acceptance which was sent by our Institution to your University.
  9. 3 yellow application forms which you will be given by the immigration office
  10. 2 File-folders with two elastic cords.

Tel. number: +302461350104 (KOZANI), +302385049137 (FLORINA)

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