International Credit mobility

Institutions from Erasmus+ Programme Countries can submit a mobility project application that involves HEIs from Partner countries to the National Agency in their country.

Additionally, HEIs from Partner Countries interested in taking part in international credit mobility should contact a partner university in a Programme Country, which will be able to apply for funding.

Mobility opportunities for students, Higher Education Institutions staff and non-academic organizations’ staff around the world.

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Action, offers students and Higher Education Institutions staff, as well as non-academic organizations’ staff, the opportunity to move to Partner Countries for studies, traineeship, teaching and training respectively.

Student mobility

The Erasmus+/International Mobility action enable students to get to know new countries, different cultures, educational systems and to enrich and acquire new knowledge in many scientific fields.

Useful information

Mobility duration:

a) Studies: 3 to 12 months per study cycle
b) Traineeship: 2 to 12 months per study cycle
c) Studies combined with Traineeship: 3 to 12 months per study cycle

In any case, participants should be equipped with the following types of insurance prior to departure:

Studies: 1. Health insurance
Traineeship: 1. Health insurance, 2. Personal accident insurance, General Liability Insurance for Third Party

Staff mobility

The Erasmus+/International Credit Mobility action enables Professors and Higher Education Institutions staff, as well as non-academic organisations staff, to move to Partner Countries for teachingtraining or teaching combined with training; in this way, their Institutions become more international. The building of networks through International Mobility further contributes to the exchange of academic knowledge and best practices in Higher Education.

Useful information

Duration of mobility: 5 days to 2 months

In any case, participants should be necessarily equipped with Health insurance coverage, prior to departure.

Grant for participants with special needs

Grant for participants with special needs covers the additional costs resulting from their mobility abroad, based on budget calculation of these needs. These costs are 100% covered, based on actual costs. Participants with special needs are requested to apply for additional funding in Erasmus office of their Higher Education Institution.

You may find additional information on ICM in the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Handbook for Participating Organisations.

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