Incoming Students Mobility

Student Mobility for studies is addressed to students of study cycles, as they are foreseen in the Bilateral agreement signed between UOWM and partner Universities.

Partner Universities have to decide upon the students that will participate in the Erasmus + Credit mobility program. Selection process has to be in line to the Erasmus+ program guide rules.

Before students apply at UOWM, they have to be nominated by their home University. The list should indicate the field of studies at Home Institution, the cycle of studies, the semester of their planned mobility and their contact info, as well.

Upon receipt of the nominations, UOWM Erasmus Office will contact students by email providing them guidance on the application procedure and the relative deadlines.

By the time of application, students should send to the UOWM Erasmus Office, the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Learning Agreement for studies [1],
  • indicating all the courses they are planning to follow. The Learning agreement must be signed by the student and also signed and stamped by the Home University.
  • Transcript of Records (in English)
  • Greek/English Language Certificate
  • Previous degree of studies (only for Master or PhD students)

Upon evaluation of the applications, an acceptance letter from UOWM will be sent to each incoming student.

The starting date of the mobility period shall be the first day that the student needs to be present at UOWM and the ending date shall be the last day of the examination program in UOWM. The minimum duration of the mobility period is 3 months or 1 academic term or trimester.

All incoming students from non-EU countries need to apply for a D-VISA prior to their arrival in Greece. A Letter of Acceptance from our Department will be sent by e-mail and by post to the participants. The nearest authorized Greek Consulate should be contacted for all necessary documents and information

Attention: It is strongly recommended to start the VISA application process as soon as possible, since the procedures may require a considerable time.

At least 2 months before the starting date of the mobility, all students have to send to the UOWM Erasmus Office the following documents:

  • Signed and stamped Learning Agreement for studies
  • Copy of his/her passport
  • Copy of VISA
  • signed and stamped document, by the bank where the grant will be deposited. The document should indicate:
    1. the Bank name
    2. the Bank account number, where the financial support should be paid
    3. IBAN number
    4. the name of the Bank account holder
    5. Clearing/BIC/SWIFT number
  • The document with the Personal Info of the participant
  • Insurance contract in English or translated in Greek, covering the whole mobility period, which must include the following coverings
    1. Health Care Insurance (basic health insurance coverage is provided normally by the national health insurance of the participant during his/her stay in another country. However, the coverage of the basic health Insurance or private insurance may not be sufficient, especially in case of repatriation and specific medical intervention. In that case, a complementary private insurance might be useful). Your insurance should be issued from your Home Country and should be valid during your stay in Greece, issued or translated in English.
    2. Personal Accident Insurance coverage (covering personal injury and/or damages caused to the participant as a person in the course of ordinary activities in the workplace resulting from accidents at work) issued from your Home Country and valid during your stay in Greece, issued or translated in English.
  • Copies of the boarding pass and/or tickets, which are the supporting documents of the participant’s mobility between the Sending Institution and the Host Organization which indicate the participant’s place of departure and arrival.

Upon receipt of the above mentioned documents, the Mobility Grant agreement for Studies will be signed between the student and UOWM.

Incoming students will receive 70% of the total calculated financial support, before their arrival at UOWM as follows: within 30 days of the signature of the Grant Mobility Agreements by both parties, at the earliest 30 days before the beginning of the activity and no later than the start date of the mobility period.

UOWM shall pay the remaining 30% or the remaining amount of the grant after the successful submission of the online EU survey that will be sent to the participant after the end of the mobility period and within 45 days after that. The evaluation of the 30% or the remaining amount will be made after the final estimation of the mobility period. Otherwise, within the period of 45 days a recovery will be issued in case a reimbursement is due.

The financial support or part of it shall be recovered if the participant does not carry out the mobility activity in compliance with the terms of the agreement he/she has signed. However, reimbursement shall not be requested when the participant has been prevented from completing his/her mobility activities due to force majeure.

Upon arrival in UOWM students have to be enrolled at the Secretariat of the Department of their studies and they will receive the Student’s ID card.

Once a student arrives in Greece, when he/she is planning to spend more than 3 months in Greece, have to apply for a  RESIDENCE PERMIT to the Immigrations Office in Florina or Kozani (depending on the city of their studies).

Upon completion of the mobility period, UOWM will issue a transcript of records to the students which will be sent also to his/her Home Institution.

After recognition procedures are completed at Home Institution, partner Universities have to send to UOWM the respective Certificate of recognition.

Housing may be provided to incoming students, upon request, depending on the existing vacancies.

The “Learning Agreement” is the most important document for students’ mobility. It is signed by three parties: the student, the Dept. Coordinator in his/her Home Institution and the Dept. Coordinator in the Host Institution. The purpose of the Learning Agreement is to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the study period abroad and to ensure that the student will receive recognition in his/her degree for the educational components successfully completed abroad.

It is completed and signed at three stages:

Before mobility: the three parties have to agree on all the educational components to be carried out by the student at the receiving institution and it must contain as well the group of educational components that will be replaced in his/her degree by the sending institution upon successful completion of the study programme abroad. Additionally, the proposed mobility programme includes the indicative start and end months of the agreed study programme that the student will carry out abroad. Higher Education Institutions, holders of the Erasmus+ Charter, as UOWM, have agreed to use ECTS credits for their educational components. According to this, a normal academic year of full-time study is normally made up of educational components totalling 60 ECTS credits. Respectively, for one semester educational components must give 30 ECTS and for one trimester 20 ECTS. On this base, all students participating in a mobility program should attend courses at the Host Institution, offering the relevant, to their mobility duration, sum of ECTS.However, for Institutions not using ECTS credits, the work load for each educational component should be mentioned on the Learning Agreement, according to the equivalent system that is used. An explanation of this equivalent system should be added.

At any case, the selected educational components should correspond to a real work load proportional to the duration of the mobility program.

During the mobility: only if changes have to be introduced into the original Learning Agreement, this section is completed.

After the mobility: The Host institution commits to provide the Home institution and the student with a Transcript of Records within a period stipulated in the inter-institutional agreement and normally not longer than five weeks after publication/proclamation of the student’s results at the receiving institution. The Transcript of Records from the receiving institution will contain at least the minimum information requested in this Learning Agreement template. In addition, grade distribution information should be included in the Transcript of Records or attached to it (a web link where this information can be found is enough). The actual start and end dates of the study period will be included according to the following definitions:

The start date of the study period is the first day the student has been present at the receiving institution, for example, for the first course, for a welcoming event organised by the host institution or for language and intercultural courses.

The end date of the study period is the last day the student has been present at the receiving institution and not his actual date of departure. This is, for example, the end of exams period, courses or mandatory sitting period.

Following the receipt of the Transcript of Records from the Host institution, the Home institution commits to provide to the student a Transcript of Records, without further requirements from the student, and normally within five weeks.

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